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color belt

Color Belt Test

Color belt, the beginner level of Taekwondo. It consists White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red. In between each belt, we have a stripe showing that you are in transiting level to the next belt.

Our color belt is including kicking, striking, patterns, sparring and power breaking. One must show his/her capability in order to promote to the next level.

Black Belt Test

Once student reach the Red Belt, Black Belt test preparation should be planned for someone want to make this extraordinary achievement.  Black Belt is a privileged and respected rank, showing to others that the Black Belt holder is having complete the basic knowledge and going to the next higher level.

Black Belt test is based on the requirement from World Taekwondo Headquarter, Kukkiwon, South Korea.  

Taekwondo Black Belt Wallpapers - Top F...ack Belt Backgrounds -

Taekwondo Path


+ Color Belt Holder

Assitant Instructor

+ Black Belt 1st & 2nd Dan
+More than 5 years of experience


+ Black Belt 3rd Dan
+More than 10 years of experience


+Black Belt 4th Dan to 6th Dan
+ More than 25 years of Taekwondo experience


+At least 4th Dan and passed the Kukkiwon designated exam

Grand Master

+ Black Belt 7th to 9th Dan
+ Contribution to Taekwondo
+ Great knowledge in Taekwondo
+ More than 30 years of experience